Washer fell out of robot

A washer fell out of the Stretch base while we were using it. I opened up the covering of the base and I identified where it came from. When I press it back on, it ends up popping back off when the robot moves.

Here is the picture of the left wheel assembly where the washer popped off from the end of the gear:

Seems like we can still use the robot with the washer removed. Any suggestions for fixing it if it is needed?

Hi @akhilp, thanks for reporting the issue. You can continue using the robot with the washer removed without affecting the robot’s performance. When the wheel assembly is tightened, the wheel belts are well constrained and the washer does not serve a critical function. However, the washer coming off may be indicative that the left wheel is coming loose off its axle, which might lead to tougher issues in the future. It is worth checking whether the left wheel is tightened. Tilt the robot away from the left wheel (so its not under any load) and wiggle the wheel in/out on the axle to check for any play. There is no issue if it’s snug, but you can reach to support@hello-robot.com for instructions on tightening the wheel down if it’s loose.

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