How to disable collision or obstacle avoidance checks?

I am working on the code to interact with objects. For a simple action like closing the drawer, the move_to command fails as the motors have to exert more forces than in collision free motion.
How can I disable the collision checking for code-based interaction?

Hello @Vidhi_Jain,

You can bump the guarded contact thresholds up based on the necessary forces to open/close the drawer using the Adjusting Contact Behavior tutorial. Here we learn to override the guarded contact thresholds in stretch_params with temporary thresholds passed directly to the move_to() command.

Although not recommended, if you want to completely disable guarded contact for a particular joint, you can use the robot.arm.motor.disable_guarded_mode() method (or similar for a different joint) to override safety thresholds locally in a particular script, instead of disabling it globally in stretch params.

Additionally, the knowledge base post ‘Practical guide to guarded contacts’ by @aedsinger is a helpful resource to understand how the guarded contact model works.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Chintan Desai

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