Paper & talk on the design of Stretch

Hi everyone,

A preprint of our paper on the design of Stretch just became available on arXiv.

The Design of Stretch: A Compact, Lightweight Mobile Manipulator for Indoor Human Environments, Charles C. Kemp, Aaron Edsinger, Henry M. Clever and Blaine Matulevich, arXiv, 2021.

If it becomes a published, peer-reviewed work, I’ll provide an update.

On a related note, I recently gave a 15-minute talk at Georgia Tech on Stretch’s academic backstory.

Best wishes,

Charles C. Kemp, PhD
Associate Professor
Georgia Tech

Conflict of Interest Statement: In addition to being an associate professor at Georgia Tech, I am a co-founder and the chief technology officer (CTO) of Hello Robot Inc. where I work part time. I own equity in Hello Robot Inc. and I am an inventor of Georgia Tech intellectual property (IP) licensed by Hello Robot Inc. Consequently, I receive royalties through Georgia Tech for sales made by Hello Robot Inc. I also benefit from increases in the value of Hello Robot Inc.