Stretch Community News - July 2023

Hello again and welcome to the Hello Robot monthly community update! This month, we’ve added some new items to the open source Stretch Tool Share - there’s an swivel mount for an end-of-arm tablet, and a new accessory shelf specifically designed for mounting a Jetson AGX Orin Dev Kit to your Stretch. If you test out these tools or if there are other types of designs you’d like to see us add in the future, please let us know!

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Researchers at the University of California Irvine proposed BLINDER, a method for automatically selecting concise state descriptions for large language models, and used Stretch to test its performance on robotic manipulation tasks. Learn More

CMU students from the Masters of Robotics Systems Development (MRSD) program took Stretch to a senior living facility, where the robot handed out ice cream and interacted with residents using a GPT interface. Learn More

Leaderboards are now live for the HomeRobot Open Vocabulary Mobile Manipulation challenge. Participants will compete for the chance to win their very own Stretch robot! Challenge entries for Phase 1 must be submitted by October 10, 2023. Learn More

Prof. Deepak Pathak’s lab at CMU presents Structured World Models for Intentionality, an approach for learning manipulation tasks in the real world with only a handful of trajectories and only 30 min of real-world sampling. Learn More

“Teach a Robot to FISH”, a fast and versatile imitation learning approach from researchers at NYU, won the Best Student Paper award at RSS 2023! Learn More

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