Create Workspace for using Gazebo Simulator

I created stretch_user/log then executed I’m getting an error that hello-robot.conf is not found. I don’t have access yet to the physical robot, so I just want to create a workspace that will work for using the simulator.

Hi @iibuan, the script is meant to be run on a Stretch robot. The script is looking for calibration data unique to the robot to set up other parts of the ROS workspace. Since you’re only interested in getting the Gazebo simulation running, I’ve put together the following instructions for you. It’ll create a ROS workspace that includes everything you need to run the Gazebo simulation of Stretch. These instructions are meant to be run on a Linux system with ROS Noetic already installed.

source /opt/ros/noetic/setup.bash
mkdir -p ~/simulation_ws/src/
cd ~/simulation_ws/src/
git clone
git clone -b melodic-devel
git clone -b 2.3.2
cd ~/simulation_ws/
source ~/simulation_ws/devel/setup.bash
# Done! You may wish to add the source commands to your bashrc

roslaunch stretch_gazebo gazebo.launch
rosrun stretch_gazebo keyboard_teleop_gazebo

Also, I’d also recommend that you look through the Differences in Gazebo vs. Stretch. The code you write for the simulated Stretch won’t work directly with the real Stretch.

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@bshah I followed the instructions given in this readme and it does not clone the repositories mentioned by you. Why should one clone these repositories mentioned and how is it different form the procedure mentioned in the readme? Also how do we write code for the simulation? Is it similar to writing code for physical robot?

Hey @thrnn, the README you linked to doesn’t have any setup instructions. Are you seeing something different? ROS 1 Gazebo is setup automatically with the Ubuntu 20.04 operating system. The reason the instructions above are a bit different is because they’re meant for if you want to set up Gazebo on your PC.

As for writing code for Gazebo, check out this post: How to code for gazebo simulation? - #2 by bshah