Navigation Stack Update

Hola, Stretch Community!

I wanted to take this opportunity to announce Hello Robot’s progress on the stretch_navigation package. Modifying the YAML files in the config folder has allowed a Stretch robot to navigate and move autonomously throughout our headquarters. The significant changes in the YAML files include:

  • Toggled off the DWA planner and changed the meter scoring values in the local planner.
  • Updated the robot footprint.
  • Increased inflation_radius and the cost_scaling_factor for the global costmap.
  • Changed the robot_base_frame from centered_base_link to base_link in all costmap YAML files.

You can find the configurations in the dev/noetic branch in the stretch_navigation package. You are welcome to copy the YAML files if your ROS distribution is melodic.

A special thanks to Mohamed Fazil for his help getting this up and running! His input significantly improved the performance of the navigation system.

This project is still a work in progress, and we encourage the Stretch community to try out the updated feature. Any feedback on improvements to the parameters would be greatly appreciated! Here are other helpful links if you wish to tune the parameters further: