Re3 ros2 check head calibration

Hello I am currently following this instruction to check my re3 robot’s head calibration. However, when running this command

ros2 run stretch_calibration check_head_calibration

I did not see any calibration errors output by the process. This was unlike checking head calibration on re1 and re2. Do you have any ideas what happened? Attached is what I see on the screen. I suspect this has something to do with rviz2.

Hi @Peiqi_Liu, you can safely ignore the step that asks you to run ros2 run stretch_calibration check_head_calibration. That documentation is a bit out-of-date, and I plan to update it shortly to remove the step.

But how can I check whether current calibration is accurate enough?

When you get to step 4 in “Calibrate Stretch”, you will run ros2 launch stretch_calibration, and you’ll see an optimization printing out to the terminal. When it exits, you’ll see a final error term (typ. <0.03).

Got it,
but does that mean that I have to calibrate the robot before I can check the errors?

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Yes, performing a fresh URDF calibration is a good workaround while we update the docs/tools for the checking calibration section.

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