Ros1 Stretch move group controllers not connected

I am currently working with the stretch robot on ROS 1 to plan and execute trajectories using move groups and rviz. I am able to plan trajectories, but whenever I go to execute them, it gives an error that I can’t because it isn’t able to identify any controllers. Using the UI in rviz, it also gives the same error. Does anyone know why the controllers aren’t being recognized?

Hi @tnguyen, welcome to the Stretch forum! When you launch the Stretch driver from the Stretch Core package, there will be only one follow joint trajectory controller called /stretch_controller/follow_joint_trajectory/ that enables you to control every joint on the robot. See the Follow Joint Trajectory tutorial for an example of how to send motion commands with this controller.

If you were previously using the Gazebo simulation of Stretch, that might be the reason you wrote code looking for multiple controllers (e.g. stretch_arm_controller, stretch_head_controller, stretch_gripper_controller). This is one of the differences between Stretch vs Gazebo; the simulated Stretch has multiple follow joint trajectory controllers, whereas the real Stretch only has one.