Stretch Tool Share is now available

Hello Stretch users,

We’ve just released the Stretch Tool Share - an open source repository to share designs and code for custom end-of-arm tools. You can find it via the following link:

Stretch was designed with the understanding that ‘the right tool for the right job’ is more than just a saying. In robotics, the end-of-arm tool needs to be well suited to the manipulation task in order to succeed. We’ve populated the tool share with a number of designs already and plan to add more over time.

While we continue to be surprised at how versatile the Stretch compliant gripper is, sometimes just a simple rigid tool, like a puller, is all that is needed. We know that some users will want to have a screen interface for HRI research, so we’ve prototyped a phone mount that can attach to the wrist. For users who seek the dexterity of a 3 DOF wrist, we’ve also included designs and code that will allow you to integrate a Dynamixel pitch-roll gripper onto your Stretch.

We hope that users will also share their end-of-arm tool designs with the Stretch community. Please post them on this forum or send us an email ( and we can post them to the Stretch Tool Share.



Aaron Edsinger, PhD
co-founder & CEO
Hello Robot Inc