Web interface code now available

Hello everyone,

We just made prototype code available that enables a person to remotely teleoperate the Stretch RE1 using a recent Chrome/Chromium web browser on an Android phone, a laptop, or a desktop. You can find it via the following link.


When we started Hello Robot Inc. back in 2017, part of our goal was to create a robot that could be intuitively teleoperated from afar. We took an iterative approach, building a series of 7 prototype robots before reaching the product we’re now shipping. In conjunction with these prototypes, we developed a series of web interfaces, so that we could control our robots via a web browser and test remote teleoperation. While we eventually deemphasized this aspect of our product, we still think the code could be useful to the community. With this goal in mind, we recently ported a basic web interface to the Stretch RE1, which you can find in the repository.

I look forward to sharing the details of Hello Robot’s internal research and development someday. For me, one of the highlights was taking care of my family’s cat. My family and I were in rural Tennessee for Thanksgiving 2017 and our cat was back home in Atlanta. Each day we were away, I would tether my laptop to my mobile phone and use a web interface to control an early Stretch prototype. At some point, I’ll post a video.

For remote teleoperation, the Stretch RE1 has advantages over other robots I’ve worked with. I’m excited to see autonomous, locally teleoperated, and remotely teleoperated Stretch RE1s out in the world doing cool stuff!

Best wishes,

Charlie Kemp, PhD
co-founder & CTO
Hello Robot Inc.