What is the recommended way of using stretch 3 in mujoco python binding?

Hi! I have been trying to have a stretch 3 model working in a mujoco environment but I realized that the stretch 3 is not on mujoco_menagerie. I have been trying to convert the urdf version to the mujoco compatible state by using the ./compile provided by mujoco and also some other things to convert .dae files to .stl files and also converting .xacro files to .urdf files. I got it to load inside mujoco but I cannot get any actuators to work within the mujoco sim(see screenshot).

What is the recommended way to get stretch 3 working inside mujoco?

Hi @kkatodus, Thank you so much for your interest and efforts in porting the Stretch 3 model to Mujoco Menagerie. We previously ported Stretch RE2 to Mujoco, which has reference XML definitions for the actuators and model, which you can use. Additionally, you would have add additional revolute joints for the Wrist-pitch and Wrist Roll joints. Further, we plan to add Stretch 3 to Mujoco soon, and I will update you when it is ready.

Also, looking at your visualization, it seems like you have the collision and ground links that come with the stretch_urdf repository. You can manually cherry-pick and remove them from the URDF file.