Absolute ranges for stiffness and damping

I am working with a simulated version of hello robot Stretch. The URDF shared in the previous post seems to have infinite stiffness and 0 damping values. To enable sim2real transfer, I am interested to use the values from the actual range of stiffness and damping per DoF.
I see that stretch_arm_jog.py results in a stiffness value of 1 (Robot Sensors - Stretch Documentation), which seems scaled between 0 and 1.
Could anyone point out how to extract absolute stiffness and damping values? I am new to this, so any reading/coding resources will be helpful!

Hi @Vidhi_Jain, it’s a good question! The stiffness parameter in stretch_arm_jog.py is unrelated; it affects the effort the motor puts into getting to a commanded position. The stiffness and damping parameters in URDFs relate to how motors and their drive mechanism behave. Since I’m not familiar with the stiffness and damping parameters in a URDF, I’m looking into it and will get back to you soon.