Stretch RE1 Arm Issues


We have been trying to get the arm to move down. It is currently set to go down to 0.2m which is close to the ground and we are using ROS’s followJointTrajectoryGoal to do so. However, when we try to run it the robot hard stops at 0.5m and doesn’t go any further. When we run stretch_robot_stow, however, it does go down to 0.1m approximately.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to debug this or what the problem is?


Hi @kitabhan, would you mind sharing a code snippet that demonstrates the problem you’re seeing?

Hi @kitabhan, upon second glance at your description, one potential explanation for the issue might be that the lift joint needs its contact sensitivity thresholds recalibrated. You might try:

$ --lift

At the end, you’ll see a (y/n) prompt asking if you want to save the newly calibrated thresholds.