Autodocking demo in ROS

Hello community members!

Keeping in line with our motivation to release new development to users as soon as it is in a usable state, I wanted to inform everyone that we have beta software for autodocking out for review. Although it currently resides in a feature branch we hope to mainline it soon.

The code in its current form was a result of a short sprint to kick off development on the autodocking feature and also to try out new ways for high-level task planning through the behavior tree framework. If you want to get started with using Behavior Trees (BTs) with Stretch, this tutorial could be a great starting point!

While we work on polishing it further, if you want to play with it and suggest improvements, you can do so by executing the following commands:

cd ~/catkin_ws/src/stretch_ros
git pull
git checkout feature/autodocking

Follow the rest of the instructions to install dependencies and set up the demo in the tutorial.


Happy docking!
Chintan Desai