Autonomous Exploration / Mapping

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The first step of my project requires the robot to map the room autonomously. With my relatively fresh experience in robotics, I hoped to find this feature included in the Stretch Robot as well.

So far, I have understood that the Gmapping via stretch_navigation and the FUNMAP both are done via teleoperation first and then autonomous navigation is possible. I mention both packages since I will need the map as well as the 3D model that FUNMAP creates later on.

Has anyone extended the funmap or the stretch_navigation to allow autonomous creation of the map? If so, kindly share your work or approach!

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Hi @roboor, FUNMAP actually does have the ability to autonomously explore the environment. From the quick start guide:

You can also have the robot automatically drive to a place that it thinks is a good place for it to take a head scan in order to map the environment.

While in the terminal, press the key with \ and | on it. 
This should work even if caps lock is enabled or the shift key is pressed. 

Iā€™d give this a try to see how well it works for you, as the source code may need some tweaking to get it to run reliably.

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