Dex wrist installation and URDF generation

I currently hope to create an URDF containing all dex wrist joints for inverse kinematic. Previously we just ran these installation scripts and run stretch calibration and we got an urdf containing all dex wrist joints.

But now seems


is removed from git repo as I cannot see that bash file after running

git pull

How do I generate an URDF containing all dex wrist joints now?

Best regards.

Hey, you should be able to download the URDF to use from stretch_urdf. Can you see if these new instructions help: Updarte documentation to show how to pull new version of URDF by hello-cpaxton · Pull Request #125 · hello-robot/stretch_ros2 · GitHub

Particularly here: stretch_ros2/stretch_description at cpaxton/add-urdf-to-docs · hello-robot/stretch_ros2 · GitHub