Integrating custom sensors onto the Stretch wrist

Hello Stretch users,

We’ve recently posted a few new tutorials I wanted to make you aware of:

Using the Stretch Wrist Expansion Header

These tutorials describe how to integrate custom sensors and other hardware onto your Stretch Wrist Expansion Header. We’ve provided examples for both SPI and I2C devices, as well as a tutorial on how to plumb custom data from your custom hardware back up to the Stretch Body Python interface.

The Wrist board (named the Wacc) uses the same Atmel microcontroller as used in an Arduino Zero and Adafruit Metro M0. This means that you can prototype your custom hardware and firmware using an Arduino first. Hopefully this will help prevent accidental damage to your Stretch while you prototype your hardware. This Wacc ‘emulation mode’ is covered in this tutorial.

We’d welcome any feedback on ways to improve these tutorials.



Aaron Edsinger, PhD
co-founder & CEO
Hello Robot Inc