Issue about mapping.launch in stretch_funmap

I am trying to run stretch_funmap to scan the environment. After running roslaunch stretch_funmap mapping, I keep getting the warning that [ WARN] [1690324223.985750544]: Could not get base to fixed frame transform, Lookup would require extrapolation 0.135350107s into the future. Requested time 1690324223.749818802 but the latest data is at time 1690324223.614468813, when looking up transform from frame [base_link] to frame [odom]. Meanwhile in RViz, there is no scanned partial map visualized.

Hi @gtsimonxu, welcome to the forum! There was a similar question that saw the same base_link to odom warning. Could you look at the debugging strategies I suggested in this post and report back your findings:

Hi @bshah, sorry for the late reply. It turned out that I typed incorrect package name. I was supposed to use stretch_navigation rather than stretch_funmap.

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For anyone else who is seeing the “Could not get base to fixed frame transform” warning and finds this thread, we recently found a fix for this issue and pushed it to the Stretch ROS repo in this commit. See the commit message for more details on the issue. To get the fix, simply pull the latest version of stretch_ros.