Lift and extension effort less than/exceeding effort threshold


I’ve been getting the following messages about joint effort while running Stretch’s lift:

[INFO] [1626281222.993288]: Lift single effort less than single_effort_threshold: 18.9405727386 <= 20.0
[INFO] [1626281222.994605]: Lift average effort less than av_effort_threshold: 19.1662563618 <= 20.0

or when extending/retracting its arm:

[INFO] [1626282202.789429]: Extension single effort exceeded single_effort_threshold: 46.255050659 2 >= 40.0
[INFO] [1626282202.794737]: Extension average effort exceeded av_effort_threshold: 49.3674260388 >= 40.0

I am getting this output during autonomous movement of the lift or arm, even when nothing is making contact with either component. There isn’t anything that is obviously wrong with either joint - the robot seems to operate as it did before these messages - but I didn’t want to ignore it in case it indicates a hardware issue I’m just not noticing. Is this a potential cause for concern?

Thank you for your help!

Hi @kpputhuveetil, you can safely ignore these logs. These effort thresholds are used by FUNMAP to detect contacts in this piece of code. You may want to increase these thresholds if you’re seeing false positives for detected contacts in autonomous motions like the drawer opening demo.

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