Moveit Dex Wrist


I was able to install the dex wrist and get the keyboard ros program running. I made sure each joint can be controlled. However, when I try doing motion planning via Moveit, I can only plan for the head and not for the arm or gripper. Furthermore, I can’t execute the plan for the head. Also, how can I plan for the mobile base, it doesn’t show up a planning group. What should I do?

Thank you

Hi @jyop, welcome to the forum! Our MoveIt 1 support is relatively new and not well documented yet. As it currently ships in the master branch of Stretch ROS, it only supports planning for the arm + lift + wrist_yaw group, head_tilt and head_pan group, and Stretch Gripper open/close joint. We’re actively developing the functionality to support the Dex Wrist in MoveIt 1, so I will follow up here when the Dex Wrist planning group has been added.

A complicating factor is that MoveIt 1 only supports planning for single degree of freedom joints. This means MoveIt 1 cannot generate plans for the mobile base. Through our partnership with PickNik Robotics, MoveIt 2 (supported in ROS2) now has the ability to make Balkcom-Mason plans for a mobile base. However, there no plans currently to back-port this support to MoveIt 1. Support for whole body planning is experimentally supported in PickNik fork of Stretch ROS, however, I do not recommend using this code because there are blocking bugs that are yet to be resolved. I will follow up here when our support for ROS2 Galactic and MoveIt 2 has released (currently estimated to release a beta at end of summer).

For the head planning group, one possible reason the plans are not executing could be that the “Approx IK Solutions” option is not enabled in the MoveIt RViz Plugin. If you can include a log of the errors that appear in the terminal, I can dig into this issue, as well as the arm/gripper planning issue that you’re seeing.