ROS Interface start and stop signals on executing commands

@binitshah we discussed this when we met a couple of weeks ago.

You mentioned that once I issue a move command via the ROS interface, there is a particular ROS topic that starts sending messages, and once the move command finishes executing, it stops sending messages.
Can you provide the details – which topic is it, etc.?

Yes, it’s called the /stretch_controller/follow_joint_trajectory/feedback topic and it’s part of the follow_joint_trajectory action server. This topic will publish feedback messages when any of the robot’s joints are in motion.

The follow_joint_trajectory action server is comprised of 5 topics. To command the robot’s joints into motion, the goal topic is used.

$ rostopic list

The follow_joint_trajectory action server is implemented in this file and is part of the stretch_driver node from Stretch Core. Launching the node will give you access to the 5 topics. Here’s the launch command:

roslaunch stretch_core stretch_driver.launch