Stretch Community News - March 2023

Hello everyone! We’ve heard some feedback that our community would like more ways to discover what other Stretch users have been up to. We hope that periodically sharing some of this great work will help the Stretch Community stay informed and connected.

Prof. Zackory Erickson and his team at CMU has announced HAT (Head-Worn Assistive Teleoperation of Mobile Manipulators) including open hardware and software for a wearable assistive interface. Learn More

In conjunction with the 2023 CVPR Embodied AI Workshop , the Habitat Navigation Challenge will feature Stretch as the simulated platform. Competitors will apply their work in visual reasoning and object semantics to allow Stretch to navigate to goals in a simulated home. Learn More

Prof.Lerrel Pinto and team at NYU have released Teach a Robot to FISH: Versatile Imitation from One Minute of Demonstrations where Stretch and other robots can learn robust visual skills with less than a minute of human demonstrations. Learn More

The teams at FAIR and CMU, including Prof. Dhruv Batra, have released Navigating to Objects in the Real World where they present a large-scale empirical study of semantic visual navigation methods on Stretch. Learn More

The second annual Stretch Robot Pitch Competition was held at Georgia Tech with support from TechSAge RERC and the NSF AI-CARING project. Students pitched innovative and creative solutions to support individuals aging with disabilities using Stretch. Learn More

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