Stretch Community News - May 2023

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In order to follow open-ended instructions, robots require an understanding of both the scene geometry and the semantics of their environment. Researchers at Meta have released USA Net, a simple method for integrating both the semantics and spatial affordances of a scene in a differentiable map. Learn More

Want to understand Stretch’s navigation stack in more detail? Next up in Hello Robot’s series of video workshops will focus on Stretch Navigation and Nav2. The workshop will be presented on June 28th live on Google Meet, with a recording posted on Youtube. Learn More

The fourth annual Embodied AI workshop at CVPR will take place in Vancouver on June 19 - join the Embodied research community for some exciting presentations, challenges, and discussions about foundation models, generalist agents, sim-to-real transfer, and more! Learn More

Researchers from Georgia Tech, Seoul National University, and Meta published a new motion retargeting framework, Adversarial Correspondence Embedding, for translating human movements into semantically equivalent motions for robots with very different morphologies like Stretch. Learn More

Stretch was front and center at several conferences in May. UIUC’s Dr. Samuel Olatunji presented A participatory design project to evaluate benefits and workload costs for a domestic assistive robot at the International Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care; and Dr. Vy Nguyen gave an occupational therapist’s perspective on using robots to assist persons with disabilities at the Robotics Summit and Expo. Learn More

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