Stretch_navigation on dev/noetic

I’ve been trying to run the stretch_navigation on dev/noetic branch, however, the robot has a difficult time localizing itself and constantly doing the recovery behavior. Has anyone encountered similar issues?

Never mind, it turns out that one of the wheels was not properly screwed in and the wheel separation was wrong. Didn’t notice that until the wheel unscrewed itself further and the belt completely come off the gear. Will start a warranty case.

Great, thanks @Yuxiang_Gao, we’ll follow up via email. As you’ve noted, an incorrect wheel separation will yield bad wheel odometry and will make it difficult for the robot to localize itself. Although it’s rare for the issue you’ve described to occur, we have a tool that enables Stretch users to recalibrate the wheel separation. Once the mechanical issue is corrected, I recommend running and following the prompts.