Stretch RE2 DynamixelHelloXL430 Ping failed

Hi, I’m using RE2, but there is problem when I did the, it shows that the DynamixelHelloXL430 Ping failed and the gripper was not moving. I checked the 3 wires and even replaced with the new one but it still not working, there was also blink LED on it. Please Advise. Thank you.
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[WARNING] [stretch_gripper]: DynamixelHelloXL430 Ping failed... stretch_gripper
DynamixelHelloXL430 Ping failed... stretch_gripper
--------- Homing Head ----
--------- Homing Lift ----
Homing Lift...
Hardstop detected at motor position (rad) 115.03890991210938
Marking Lift position to 1.098850 (m)
Marking Lift position to 0.000000 (m)
[INFO] [robot_monitor]: Guarded contact lift
[INFO] [robot_monitor]: Wrist single tap: 1015
[INFO] [robot_monitor]: Base bump event
[INFO] [robot_monitor]: Base bump event
Lift homing successful
--------- Homing Arm ----
Homing Arm...
Hardstop detected at motor position (rad) -0.013456420041620731
Marking Arm position to 0.000000 (m)
[INFO] [robot_monitor]: Guarded contact arm
[INFO] [robot_monitor]: Wrist single tap: 1018
[INFO] [robot_monitor]: Wrist single tap: 1019
Arm homing successful
[WARNING] [stretch_gripper]: Not able to home stretch_gripper. Hardware not present
[WARNING] [wrist_yaw]: Not able to home wrist_yaw. Hardware not present

You should use the command and after that to solve that problem.

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