Stretch Wrist_yaw doesn't work

Hi I’m new to Stretch II.
I was trying to control wrist_yaw motor using both xbox and python API.
But the moving range of wrist_yaw is really restricted.

This is the Error message.

For use with S T R E T C H (R) RESEARCH EDITION from Hello Robot Inc.

[DEBUG] [wrist_yaw]: [Dynamixel ID:013] ping Succeeded. Dynamixel model number : 1080. Baud 115200
------ MENU -------
a: increment 15 deg
b: decrement 15 deg
[DEBUG] [wrist_yaw]: Clipping move_to(4.675829104940082) with soft limits [-1.374830281142506, 4.417225510449028]

When I keep input a, this soft limit error happens. And the state of wrist is same as below image.

And when I keep input ‘b’ it only rotates about 30 degrees, and can’t rotate more. Also, it shows below error message

For use with S T R E T C H (R) RESEARCH EDITION from Hello Robot Inc.
[WARNING] [tool_stretch_gripper]: Dynamixel communication error during pull_status on tool_stretch_gripper:

and when i input same command again, it gives,
For use with S T R E T C H (R) RESEARCH EDITION from Hello Robot Inc.

Starting Robot Monitor. Ctrl-C to exit
[WARNING] [wrist_yaw]: WARNING: Servo wrist_yaw in error state: overload_error. Reboot servo with
[WARNING] [robot_monitor]: Dynamixel overload_error on tool_stretch_gripper:wrist_yaw

this error. The first time I ran the robot, it can rotate 360 degrees with no problem. but suddenly this kind of limited rotation angle of wrist_yaw happens. How can I fix this? There is nothing attached to the gripper.

Even after I tried, problem doesn’t solved.

These are the collision related parameters of robot.

hello-robot@stretch-re2-2062:~$ | grep collision
stretch_body.robot_params.nominal_params . . param.collision_arm_camera.enabled . . 0
stretch_body.robot_params.nominal_params . . param.collision_arm_camera.py_class_name . . CollisionArmCamera
stretch_body.robot_params.nominal_params . . param.collision_arm_camera.py_module_name . . stretch_body.robot_collision_models
stretch_body.robot_params.nominal_params . . param.collision_stretch_gripper.enabled . . 0
stretch_body.robot_params.nominal_params . . param.collision_stretch_gripper.py_class_name . . CollisionStretchGripper
stretch_body.robot_params.nominal_params . . param.collision_stretch_gripper.py_module_name . . stretch_body.robot_collision_models
stretch_body.robot_params.nominal_params . . param.robot.rates.NonDXLStatusThread_collision_downrate_int . . 5
stretch_user_params.yaml . . param.robot.use_collision_manager . . 0
stretch_body.robot_params.nominal_params . . param.robot_collision.models . . [‘collision_arm_camera’]
stretch_body.robot_params.nominal_params . . param.tool_stretch_gripper.collision_models . . [‘collision_stretch_gripper’]

Thank you for reading.

Hello @gsh04089, welcome to the Stretch community! Would you try running a before using the jog tool?

Thank you for replying. Something was stuck inside dynamixel motor, so when I tried running a, it didn’t work as expected. I removed it, then it is working good now. Thank you.

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