Using the Stretch Diagnostics tool to debug an issue

We have introduced a new tool called Stretch Diagnostics to assist when debugging an issue. The tool runs a suite of tests to check for correct device configurations, sensor values, software package versions, etc.

It isn’t yet comprehensive but can serve as a first step when working with Hello Robot support to diagnose an issue.

To install the tool run:

pip3 install hello-robot-stretch-diagnostics

The tool has numerous options. To start, we recommend running: --simple --report --zip
----------- Complete -------------
Zip file available at: /home/hello-robot/stretch_user/log/diagnostic_check/

The --simple command will run a suite of system and configuration checks (logged under ~/stretch_user/log/diagnostic_check).

The --report command will generate a succinct report of the test results.

The --zip command will generate a zip file of the test results that can be emailed to Hello Robot support.

Below is a snippet of what a report looks like after running the --simple suite:

Note: There are number of test suites in addition to --simple. These are more complex and best done with the guidance of Hello Robot support

Note: It is OK for some tests to fail (and be flagged red). The meaning of Pass/Fail can be ambiguos depending on the test. Contact Hello Robot support to determine if there is an issue with your robot.