What is the connector housing type to use the 12V access plug?

Hi, We recently bought a Stretch RE2 (Nina) robot and for our development, we would like to use the 12V access plug to power an extra sensor we have mounted on the base. However, to make a cable to use this plug we need to know the specific connector housing that needs to be used at this 12V Aux plug on Pimu PCBA.

Could I have any pointers on this? I could not find any information on this in the documentation and also could not find any housing in the spares that came with the robot either.

I have attached the picture of the connector I am referring to. Thank you.

Hi @AShanthini. Good question. We’ll update the online documentation for this shortly. The connector is a 2 position JST VH (VHR-2M).

Digikey also sells pre-crimped cables for this connector, which are convenient.