How to test with / without Stretch device?

Hi All, I am new to robotics and Hello robot / Stretch, so please bear with my stupid question. I would like to contribute to the open source code using Python and explore new use cases such as pharmacies. Can I know how I can test my code? I think testing in a simulator (don’t know if there is a simulator already) won’t be effective, as I really need to try my code with elements in the physical world like bottles / vials. Is Stretch available at a heavily discounted price for educational purposes? Is Stretch already available in one of University of South Florida or University of Central Florida or University of Florida?

Hello @BennyManny, welcome to the Stretch community forum and thanks for your interest in Stretch. I applaud your interest in contributing open-source code and exploring robotics with real robots and real objects in the real world. Stretch is available for purchase at We do not offer discounts because we strive to keep our pricing flat, fair, and transparent for all customers. Regarding whether a Stretch robot is present at the universities you’ve listed, I recommend reaching out to robotics groups at those universities to learn more about their research and robots.

All the best!