Could you help to start?

Hi, i am a student, which is using the stretch 2 for the tesis, but i am a bit lost, could you tell if you have more tutorials or just the tutorials here: Overview - Stretch Documentation.
Thanks for your attention.

Hello @humberto, welcome to the forum! It’s great that you’re using Stretch in your thesis. I would recommend starting with the Getting to Know Stretch tutorials. The series includes:

  1. A safety guide - highly recommend starting with this guide for your own safety!
  2. Quick start - get a feel for what you can do with Stretch by using the xbox controller to teleop Stretch around. Also, this guide introduces the Python library, Stretch Body.
  3. Best Practices - info about keeping the battery healthy, and how to handle the robot while it’s off or on. In particular, I recommend taking the battery maintenance guide seriously, since battery damage can cause you unnecessary delays.

The ROS tutorials you’ve linked is a good next step after going through these getting started tutorials.

thanks, I already try most of the tutorials with RVIZ, because I had problems connecting to the real robot, but it is solved now.
Could you tell me if there is any project to recognize objects in a map?

That’s great! For recognizing objects in the environment, you might try the object detection demo.