RealSense Camera not working on Gazebo

I’ve been trying to use the Stretch simulator on Gazebo. The documentation says that the camera works on Gazebo, but everytime I run the ( RViz and Gazebo (, I get a warning on camera that no image is received. Also the wall does not appear on visualization on RViz.

On the documentation, the wall is appearing on RViz.

I see this on the logs so I thought initially that the camera should work:
RealSensePlugin: The realsense_camera plugin is attach to model robot [urdf_spawner-4] process has finished cleanly

Hi @iibuan, I recently sent you instruction for creating a ROS workspace to run the Gazebo simulation of Stretch

With that workspace, you should be able to see Realsense imagery. For example, when I try it, I see

When adding the Camera display, make sure you’re adding the /camera/color/image_raw topic.

And when adding the PointCloud2 display, make sure you’re adding the /camera/depth/color/points topic.

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