ROS resource and visualization

I have a query, in the Quick Start Guide , it is mentioned how to start with python. But there is nothing mentioned about how to start with ROS, like how to call ROS commands from command line and see the action performed.

Also, to test new .launch file, is there any visualization tool to test and run the new code or we directly need to push it into robot?

Hi @sitaneja, the official ROS tutorials do a great job of explaining how to call ROS commands from the command line.

Rviz is the de facto visualization tool in the ROS community. When you run one of the ROS launch files from stretch_ros, you can use Rviz to see how Stretch perceives it’s environment. Usually the launch files will start Rviz for you, but you can also start Rviz using the following command: rosrun rviz rviz.

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