Saving FUNMAP for later use

Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to save/reload the FUNAMPs to avoid re-creating the map each time?

Hey @lstegner, it is possible to save and reload maps into FUNMAP. Maps are automatically saved to $HELLO_FLEET_PATH/debug/merged_maps whenever FUNMAP’s head scan service is triggered (e.g. when pressing ‘space’ key in keyboard_teleop). Each map in this directory has a YAML file that contains pointers to other portion of the map’s data. Supplying this YAML file to FUNMAP will reload the map. This can be done as a ROS commandline argument:

$ roslaunch stretch_funmap mapping.launch map_yaml:=$HELLO_FLEET_PATH/debug/merged_maps/<insert_map_filename>.yaml

When the map is reloaded, Stretch will need to be localized within the map. FUNMAP provides a global localization service for this purpose (triggerable from keyboard_teleop using the ‘+’ key). Alternatively, you can provide the robot its location in the map from Rviz.

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