Stretch Body release v0.3.0 and new parameter format

Hello Stretch users!

TLDR: If you upgrade to Stretch Body v0.3.0 you will be required to run tool before Stretch Body will operate

We have recently released a new version of Stretch Body. In addition to a number of small bug fixes, this release introduces a new parameter organization for Stretch.

Starting with v0.3.0, Stretch Body will automatically check if you must first migrate your parameter data to the new format. For example:

Please run tool before continuing. 

Fortunately, this migration is straightforward. Simply run:

Robot stretch-re1-2000 now configured to use latest parameter format

This tool copies your existing robot parameters to the new format. It also stores a backup of your original data (stretch_re1_user_params.yaml and stretch_re1_factory_params.yaml). The tool will do a check to ensure consistency between data before and after migration as well.

Starting with v0.3.0, your robot parameter data will be found in two new files under ~/stretch_user:/stretch-re1-xxxx

  1. stretch_configuration_params.yaml | Robot specific data (eg, serial numbers and calibrations)
  2. stretch_user_params.yaml | User specific data (eg, contact thresholds, controller tunings, etc)

Our expectation is that you can continue to customize your robot’s configuration by editing stretch_user_params.yaml (as it takes precedence over all other settings).

More details on this release can be found here

In the coming weeks we’ll post a more in depth tutorial on working with Stretch parameter data. I will post it here when it is ready.

As always, feel free to email us at or post here if you have any questions or issues.