Stretch Lift Belt failure - hardware patch recommended

Hello Stretch community,

Recently we became aware of a potential failure mode affecting all models of Stretch robots. Over time and repeated stresses, the clamp inside the shoulder shell that holds the lift belt taut can fail. This can cause the belt to become noticeably loose, and in the worst case, to disconnect entirely from the shoulder making the arm fall rapidly.

To prevent this failure, we’ve designed a hardware upgrade that can be easily installed on any Stretch robot in just a few minutes. Because of the unpredictable nature of the failure, and because it is easier to apply this fix before a failure occurs rather than afterwards, we are recommending any Stretches still in use install this upgrade. Hello Robot will provide the hardware and instructions free of charge.

To receive this hardware, please fill out the form linked below with your robot serial number and shipping information:

Request a belt clamp replacement