Stretch RE1 can't find sunshine.service

I am following through this guide on connecting to stretch wirelessly but when I get to the step that says to run “systemctl start --user sunshine” I get the following error:
“Failed to start sunshine.service: Unit sunshine.service not found.”
I don’t know what is causing this issue and if someone could provide some guidance it would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @Edelio_Taboada, just to confirm, is your robot running Ubuntu 22.04? If not, you’ll need to upgrade your robot’s OS to use the Sunshine remote desktop software.

You can look in Settings > About > OS Name to figure out which operating system your robot is running.

It is not, it’s running Ubuntu 18.04.
Are there any features that may stop working if I update Stretch RE1 to Ubuntu 20?

Also, if I don’t want to update it, are there any alternatives for wireless connection I could look into?

Yes, there are features that will stop working if you upgrade. 18.04 used Python2 and ROS 1 Melodic. If you upgrade to 20.04, you’ll need to use Python3.7 and ROS 1 Noetic. If you upgrade to 22.04, you’ll need to use Python3.10 and ROS 2 Humble. ROS 2 has a different API from ROS 1.

We actually deprecated support for 18.04 because Python2 and ROS 1 Melodic have both reached “end of life” (i.e. they’re not being developed by the Python/ROS communities). You can find more details in our docs: Distributions & Roadmap guide.

It’s possible to dual boot the robot with Ubuntu 20.04 (which contains ROS 1 Noetic) and Ubuntu 22.04 (which contains ROS 2 Humble), so you can choose which version to use while the robot boots up. Using both distros at the same time is not possible. The upgrade guide has instructions on dual booting.

If you don’t want to upgrade, there’s many options available for remote desktop software. AnyDesk and Teamviewer are two popular options.