Stretch Robot suddenly crashed

Hi! Today I was running code on the stretch-robot, where I was publishing information to a topic I had set up to interface with the stretch_body library so that basic movement could be performed. However, suddenly after I ran my program (after disabling the xbox controller through

pkill -f stretch_xbox*

while running my node the stretch-robot just shut down. Despite mutliple attempts to reboot, it simply will not boot up. In this case, is it likely that we have to reinstall Ubuntu and reinstall Stretch through the factory installation options given in stretch_install?
Here is the code that was running in the terminal before everything crashed.

roslaunch launch/stretch_robot_core.launch

... logging to /home/hello-robot/.ros/log/0301a68a-a46b-11eb-9faa-94e6f7b7f4ad/roslaunch-stretch-re1-1021-30561.log

Checking log directory for disk usage. This may take a while.

Press Ctrl-C to interrupt

Done checking log file disk usage. Usage is <1GB.

**started roslaunch server http://stretch-re1-1021:39121/**




* /rosdistro: melodic

* /rosversion: 1.14.10



stretch_robot_core (stretch-robot/


**process[stretch_robot_core-1]: started with pid [30576]**

--------- Homing Head ----

--------- Homing Lift ----

Homing lift...

Failed to detect contact

--------- Homing Arm ----

Homing Arm...

Failed to detect contact

--------- Homing stretch_gripper ----

Moving to first hardstop...

Contact at position: 1838

Hit first hardstop, marking to zero ticks

Raw position: 8

Moving to calibrated zero: (rad)

--------- Homing wrist_yaw ----

Moving to first hardstop...

Contact at position: 4120

Hit first hardstop, marking to zero ticks

Raw position: 7

Moving to calibrated zero: (rad)

data: 0.1

Arm not calibrated

data: 0.1

Arm not calibrated

client_loop: send disconnect: Broken pipe

Hi. Can you post more information about what happens when you try to reboot?

  • Does the RP Lidar spin while booting?
  • Do you see any NUC activity with a monitor plugged in while booting?

I can imagine a few things it might be:

  • The robot battery is low.
  • The NUC has failed

Also, what is the serial number of your robot (found in the trunk). Thanks!

The RP Lidar does spin, and when the monitor is plugged in there is NUC activity when we first boot up the robot. It is only after we get past BIOS startup (after loading ubuntu) that everything just crashes.

The serial number of our robot is 1021

Ok. We may have seen this issue before where the NUC becomes corrupted, but can be recovered. Can you email and you can coordinate directly with a support engineer.


Posting a quick follow-up as this problem now seems to have been resolved - the core issue was just a low battery charge, causing the robot to power off during startup. The Stretch Battery Maintenance Guide has more information on charging, maintaining, and repairing the robot batteries.

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