Stretch Not Starting-Up Properly

The Stretch was working well until today. However, now, when I turn on the Stretch with the main power switch, it appears to turn on (laser range finder spins, runstop light turns on). When I push the run stop, it beeps and blinks, and when I hold it for two seconds, it beeps again and becomes solid. However, it never plays the start-up sound, I cannot connect the Xbox controller, and when I connect a monitor, it says there is no input. Additionally, the arm never starts supporting itself, and it does not appear to be connecting to the Wi-Fi. How can I get the robot to start-up properly?

Hello @matsumoto, it seems like the robot’s onboard computer isn’t booting correctly. Typically, this symptom appears when the robot’s batteries are deeply discharged (e.g. by leaving the robot running overnight without the charger attached). More details are available in the battery maintenance guide.

In order to check whether discharged batteries are preventing the onboard computer from booting, please run the following test. Follow these instructions to measure the battery voltage with a multimeter. While the power switch is off, it should report 12-12.8V. While keeping the multimeter connected, flip the power switch on and check to see if the voltage reading drops. Please take care to avoid shorts while measuring. Let me know the results of this test, and I’ll recommend next steps.

Hi @bshah, thank you for the quick reply. When the robot is turned off, the multimeter reports the battery voltage at about 12.3V. When I turn it on, it drops to about 12.25V. After about 5 minutes, it still measured about 12.26-12.27V, but did not seem to have turned on properly (no startup sound and the arm would still not support itself).

Hi @matsumoto, thank you for sending these results. The voltage readings suggest that it is not a battery issue. The next step is to look at the power cabling for the onboard computer. We will reach out over email shortly with instructions on how to access and check this component.

Thank you very much.