Robot not starting (first use)


This is the first time we’re trying to boot the robot after receiving it.

When trying to boot the robot, the “on/off” light turns on but we’re not receiving any signal in attached monitor and keyboard.

The battery seems to be fully charged (see picture attached).

We’ve been following these quick start instructions: Stretch RE1: Quick Start Guide - Hello Robot Documentation with the result described above.

We measured the battery voltage with a DMM, it’s 13.5V.

We also tried following these instructions to recover from low battery voltage: Battery Maintenance Guide - Stretch RE1 - Hello Robot Documentation but obtained the same result.

Thank you so much for your help!

Hi Theo,

Welcome to the forum! If the robot doesn’t boot upon your initial power-on, the most likely problem is that a cable connection has come loose during shipping. I’ll follow up via email with a guide detailing how to check the most likely places for this error.