Robot is not starting

I am working on robot and it is not starting. Initially, it was starting for 1-2 minutes and then it was closing after showing ubuntu welcome screen on monitor. Now, when I am starting it, it just sounds beep and nothing is showing up on the monitor. Please help with the needful. Video-

Hello, thanks for posting the video – it is helpful. It isn’t clear if this is a battery power issue (where the boot sequence is causing the battery voltage to drop) or if the issue is the Ubuntu boot itself.

Can you confirm that the batteries are charged? What does the charger display when attached? The troubleshooting guide describes how to bring back batteries that have discharged to a level the charger is unable to recover from.

Tell us more about the battery state and we can take it from there. Thanks!

Here I am adding the state of battery. Please let me know if anything more is required from my side. Sorry for late response, I was out of state.

Thank you. It looks like your robot is fully charged which is good. As a next step it might be most efficient to do a quick video call. We’ll email you directly to set something up.