Stretch User Install Fails

As a heads up, the script did not install the hello-robot-stretch Python packages correctly for us. This was because it is unable to install the Pyrsistent dependency. Newer versions of Pyrsistent seem to break support for Python 2. Information about this can be found here: A simple fix for now is to force using Pyrsistent 0.16.0. I have made a pull request to add this to the script, but it seems more like a temporary fix rather than permanent.

Hi @justin-chau, welcome to the forum, and thanks for the tip! I had just put a fix up for this same issue. Thank you for the pull request. I’ll merge in the temporary fix for now, knowing that many libraries are dropping support for Python2. We will be making the move to ROS Noetic and Python3 as Stretch users move away from Melodic.

Sounds good. Thanks for the prompt reply!