Transform matrix from base to camera and base to lidar

Does anyone have

  • the transform matrix from the Head Camera (in 0.0 pitch/yaw) to the robot base
  • the transform matrix from the Lidar to the robot base

If you don’t have it at hand, how does one determine what is the center of the robot base?
I couldn’t find anything off-hand in the docs.

We’re basically trying to transform the RealSense point-cloud into base frame and global frame.

We ended up loading the URDF in PyTransform3D, setting the joint angles, and getting the transform.

Will publish the code as reference in a bit.

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Thanks @smth, the PyTransform3D library sounds like a good approach. I was going to suggest the urdfpy library. It includes a URDF parser and can find the transform for a given joint configuration to the base link. For those working in ROS, there’s also tf2.

The only other suggestion I have is to use the URDF calibrated for your robot to ensure a good matching between the point cloud and the robot’s geometry.