Hi,will the hello robot totally transfer to ROS2?

I noted that there are some code in ROS2 .
PS. I am a greenhand for the ROS2, are there some tutoral about the hello robot as the examples?

Hi @jin, the ROS2 code is still early in its development and I don’t recommend trying to use it just yet. As it reaches an usable state, we’ll make an announcement here on the forum. You might want to take a look at Open Robotics’ ROS2 tutorials in the meantime. We’ll be releasing Stretch specific tutorials in the future as well.

If I have ROS2 on my local machine, would I be able to use the Stretch as a Remote Master? Would that somehow work through ROS1 Bridge?

Hi @hoffman, we have not tried Remote Master between ROS1 and ROS2 on Stretch yet, but it should be possible. I’d be happy to help you get that setup working if interested.

Since this question was asked, we’ve made progress towards porting some of the packages to ROS2, so you might opt for a ROS2 to ROS2 Remote Master setup if we’ve already ported what you need. For example, I use a ROS2 Remote Master setup to plan/visualize MoveIt2 plans on my local machine and execute them on the robot, and it works great.