How to know when a clicked_point finished

Hi, i am using a clicked_point in FUNMAP to do a pregrasp to pick up a object but i want to know how i can know when the clicked_point finished or if there some way to kill the process when is close enough to the object, because there some error to reach the point that i publish as i told you in the other post

Hi @Humberto_Andres_Hida, good question! The /clicked_point subscriber in the funmap node doesn’t provide any feedback when the trajectory is complete or near complete. I’d recommend looking into organizing the functionality provided by the /clicked_point subscriber into a “reach to point” action. ROS actions are designed to provide continuous feedback throughout the execution of the action, with the ability to prematurely cancel the action, or get notified when the action is completed. Writing ROS action servers in Python is pretty easy, and there’s great tutorials available on the ROS wiki.