How to Repackage Stretch RE1

Hello Stretch Community!

My name is Elaine Llacuna and I am an undergraduate student at the University of California, Berkeley studying Mechanical Engineering. Over the summer, I have worked at Hello Robot as a Robot Production Intern and I wanted to share this guide that I made on how to repackage Stretch RE1!

How to Repackage Stretch RE1 Guide

The guide includes a step-by-step procedure with pictures, instructions, and links to required materials. If there are any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to leave a reply! If any of your materials are damaged, please contact for potential replacements. Hope this guide can be helpful and I wish your Stretch RE1 a safe travel!

Special thanks to @bmatulevich, @Elliston_Franks, and the fabulous Hello Robot team for guiding me through not only the packaging procedure, but through the entire end-to-end fabrication and assembly process. It has been an absolutely delightful and enriching experience interning here and I can’t wait to see what other positive impacts Stretch will make next.

With peace,