Important: Hardware upgrade for your Stretch

Greetings Stretch community,

We have a hardware upgrade available for your Stretch RE1 that will allow you to avoid one of the more painful support issues we’ve seen on occasion with the robot.

We’ve learned that it is possible for the NUC computer to enter a state where it will not boot. This can happen when the robot batteries are allowed to drain below 9V. Fortunately, the NUC can be recovered by resetting its CMOS battery. Unfortunately it is mechanically difficult for customers to access the NUC - so often shipping the robot back to Hello Robot is required.

We have developed a low voltage cutoff device (LVCO) that will shutdown your NUC computer prior to the batteries draining low. The LVCO is easy to install and can save your team future headaches.

We recommend the LVCO hardware fix for all Stretch robots shipped prior to December 1, 2021. Installation instructions are available here

To request a no-cost LVCO upgrade please fill out the following form and we’ll ship you one ASAP.

Happy holidays!