Is RE3 possible to use ROS1

Our lab has received the RE3. We would like to know it is possible to use ROS1 in RE3.

Hi @Yongbo, To run ROS1, you would have to use our stretch_ros package, which requires an Ubuntu 20.04 stretch install. We have stopped active development for this version, and all the latest features that are well-tested and compatible with Stretch 3 are only available with the ROS2 Humble Ubuntu 22.04 stretch install. Therefore, only ROS2 Humble with Ubuntu 22.04 is currently recommended for Stretch 3.
If your application still requires ROS1 for some reason, you could experiment. You could try ROS1-ROS2 Bridge, run ROS1 nodes in a docker environment, and use the pre-install stretch_ros2 in humble to drive the robot.

Thanks. I try to run ros 1 in my pc and bridge ros1 and 2 by bridge. Then communication by ros 2 for multiple machines.