Upgrading from Stretch RE1 to Stretch 2

On the Stretch 2 webpage it says that Stretch RE1 can be upgraded as desired. Where’s the best place to request parts for the upgrade, and which components will the upgrade be replacing?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @exhaustin, welcome to the forum! There’s a software upgrade available for Stretch RE1 that incorporates the latest and greatest features, bugfixes, and optimizations. In particular, it migrates Stretch’s Python library to Python3, ROS1 packages to Noetic, and introduces beta packages for ROS2 Galactic. This software is available on Stretch 2 by default.

Stretch 2’s hardware has been enhanced in a few ways that differ from a Stretch RE1, so the RE1’s hardware cannot be upgraded.

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Ahh that makes sense. Thank you!

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