Web interface camera feed missing


I followed the instructions for launching and connecting to the robot web interface as described in the readme file of the stretch_web_interface git repository. I am able to access the server of the robot but the camera feed does not show up and I cannot see any choice of robots to select from on the operator side even though on the robot’s end everything is fine and the camera feed shows up as well.
The robot and the operator are on different networks.

I am confused why no robot shows up in the drop down menu on the operator website and why the camera feed is missing even though I can access the website?

Any hints will be useful. Thank you.

Hi @rj2021, welcome to the forum. With the Stretch Web Interface, when the robot and the operators are not on the same network, a signaling server must be set up for the two to be able to communicate with WebRTC. Please refer to the Running the Server on Amazon Lightsail documentation for more information on how to set up Stretch Web Interface for teleoperation across different networks. Let me know if you have any questions!

We are using a VPN to connect both the robot and remote operator to the same network. That should not require us to use the amazon lightsail server right?
The problem still persists.

Thank you for your help

Also, is it possible to get a diagram for the existing web interface setup?


That’s correct. In that set up where the robot and operator are on the same network, the robot should appear in the drop-down select/the robot’s camera feed should appear. Could you please share logs from the commands you’ve run to launch the web interface (both robot and operator side). Errors in these logs might shed light on why you’re experiencing this issue.

Regarding the diagram, are you looking for an overview of the tech stack being deployed?