Strecth_web_interface fail to create dataChannel


I was able to control the robot via strecth_web_interface. But somehow it stopped working for unknown reasons. I checked the console log. The robot side looks fine. But it seems something went wrong for the remote operator side. Could you please help me identify the problem? Thank you! I didn’t start ROS because someone else is using the robot. But it behaves the same even with ROS on.

The left side is the log from the robot, and the right side is the log from the operator.

Hi @Tianhao_Wei, welcome to the forum! Are you using the regular or fisheye version of the web interface?

Hi, thanks for your reply. It is the regular version.

Hi @Tianhao_Wei, apologies for losing track of this thread. If you’re still facing this issue, I recommend giving the Human-Centered Robotics Lab’s fork of the Stretch Web Interface a try. They’ve done a lot of work on the web interface since the original web interface was published, so it’s much more likely to work out of the box. Take a look at their repo’s readme for installation instructions. Alternatively, please let me know if you’d like additional assistance with getting the original web interface working.